Extra tissues please

Hang on while I get emotional…

I know this commercial is old news, but if you have not seen the entirety of the new Extra Gum commercial, do yourself a favor and watch it. First of all, kudos Extra, you absolutely crushed this. You took something as basic as gum and made it personal, emotional, and into a story. You also made a lot of people tear up, and get the beautiful song “Cant Help Falling in Love” by Haley Reinhart stuck in quite a few heads.


But what I love the absolute most about this commercial is how normal it is. There is nothing extravagant about these two people, what they do, or what they have. The emotions that we watch them share together are raw human emotions; emotions that all of us can relate to.

It admits that love makes you vulnerable, it can have hard times, sometimes even life can get in the way. But in the end, love wins.

Absolute perfection in the most imperfect ways.

Extra, Cheers!

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