Iceland wants you

Have you been hearing a lot about Iceland lately? It’s not a coincidence. Iceland is seriously getting sick of being isolated in the middle of the Norwegian Sea. Iceland is being adorable, and it really wants you to stop by.

There is a huge campaign out right now to push tourism in Iceland, even if it’s just for a few hours for a layover/stopover. Both Icelandair and Wow Air advertise (extremely) competitive airfares between the United States and Europe, with a multi-day stopover included at no additional cost.

Wow Air is so cheap that some people are actually afraid to buy it thinking it is a scam — it’s not! Some of their flights can be as low as $99 (!), but each flight will make a stop in Iceland.

Icelandair is trying something new. This winter, you can book your very own Icelandair Stopover Buddy to travel with in Iceland. Yes, you heard correctly — whether you’re interested in food, lifestyle, nature or adventure — an Icelandair employee will help you to explore Iceland, for free.

Iceland is being rather humble by asking you to visit, when it could just blatantly boast about its volcanoes, northern lights, glaciers and waterfalls. It is also known to have a dynamic arts and music scene, delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

Maybe you didn’t even notice that Iceland has been courting you? They tried to spark your interest in this American Express commercial.

Iceland, we’re glad you’ve been trying to get our attention. We had no idea you wanted us to visit, and you look beautiful. Next stop, Reykjavik?




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