All the single ladies

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the worst thing in the world. I will admit though, I’ve been single for some VDay’s, and remember the feeling of loneliness that seems to creep up on this day. Especially when everyone else is being ridiculous on social media like LOOK AT MY FLOWERS. Shup. (If this is actually going to bother you, avoid Facebook & Instagram. But just know that not everyone is nearly as happy as they hope their Instagram accounts portray they are…)

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, *be your own Valentine*. Instead of getting down and just shutting out the day, celebrate yourself. Here are some ideas:

Go out to dinner with friends

In college, my single friends and I (weren’t we all really single in college?) had a pretty great tradition. Each Valentine’s Day, we would go see a movie together, and then go out to dinner and get a cheeseburger. I loved this. The cheeseburger was mandatory, you couldn’t order something else. I still think of cheeseburgers on this day.

Treat yourself

Take that money that you’re not spending on someone else, and spend it on YOU. What a better time than now to get that massage you’ve been wanting? Or even a mani/pedi!

Rent a movie & order your favorite food

This sounds perfect to me. Find a good movie on demand, and order something delicious to get delivered to you. Let yourself relax and have a great, low-key night. Don’t forget the wine.

Connect with an old friend

Have an old friend you’ve been hoping to reconnect with? Well, if she happens to be single, reach out and see if she’d like to get dinner & drinks that night. Chances are she is hoping to find plans too!

Enjoy your day — cheers!

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