Four things you should always have in check

Your Resume

Oh, that thing you haven’t looked at since 2007? Update it! Surely there are things you have learned, programs you have mastered, positions you have had since you last updated your resume. Even if you’re very content in your job, you should always keep that baby up-to-date as soon as you acquire a new skill, or have any career changes.

Your Body

Too many people put this one off until it’s necessary. It’s so easy to skip that doctor’s appointment if you know you have a meeting that morning — don’t do it! Take my advice, as someone who had to face the consequences of ignoring my body after it begged to be taken care of. That experience taught me just how valuable – and smart – our bodies are. It will tell you if it needs attention, be sure to listen.

Your Priorities

No, I don’t mean prioritizing your daily tasks, while that may be helpful also. I mean your life priorities. Know your priorities, and live by them. Throughout your life, things may try to tell you that they are you top priority, but remember that you are the only person who decides that. I keep myself grounded by knowing my priorities, and acting in such a way that I am able to put other things aside when necessary. A second part of this could also be your dreams, aspirations, and goals. Knowing your priorities and being confident with your actions will only help you reach your goals faster.

Your finances

I struggled with this one, but it’s officially unacceptable to overdraft my account anymore (sorry for all of those times, Mom). I used to spend and spend until one day a cashier would say “your card is rejected,” then I’d just wait until my next paycheck and repeat. One big thing I stopped doing was taking a trip to Louis Vuitton each time I saved up to $1000. This has helped, a bit. Through trial and MANY errors, I think I finally have a grasp on how to budget. This is another place where priorities can play a role. I love to travel, and am willing to spend money if it means I get to see the world, but now I also must understand that maybe I can’t go out as much or buy new clothes if I want to spend my money on travel. I think of it as a very important balancing act. It helps to know exactly how much money you have in your account, and how much you can actually spend on FUN after you put away your savings and pay your bills. Real life stuff, it’s hard, but I’ve learned that by understanding it, and having your finances in check totally pays off in the long run. It allows you the freedoms you want to do fun things, but also not have the stress of living by paycheck each month.

There are many other things in life that you should also keep “under-control”: your hair, nails, clothes, etc. etc. – these are all materialistic things that will make you feel better. But starting with the four above, will help you overtime to be comfortable with the choices you’re making and help you continue on through a life that you want to live, with your best intentions being the heart of your decisions.


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