Five Cheers


These cookies. I had to prove myself that I could actually make cookies after posting the Pillsbury cookies last week.


The most beautiful roses from the most beautiful soul.

snug harbor

SNUG HARBOR. I’ve passed by this store many-a-times en route to Evan’s Mom’s home in Duxbury, right by Duxbury Beach. I am totally in love the name/sign/whole town. I couldn’t pass up taking a photo this time. Snug.

love cakes

Lovecakes. Let’s just say my Valentine knocked it outta the park! What an amazing way to wake up. I had such a nice day with my favorite person. Such a full heart ❤



Oysters. Mmmmm. Yes, they are served over snow and it is perfect.


One thought on “Five Cheers”

  1. Every, EVERY, picture in this post brings a huge smile to my face. It was so wonderful to see you both yesterday. And, the roses are amazing. I love those colors together.


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