On the right train, at the right time

Evan’s Mom recently gave this oil painting to Evan & I, and I am SO in love with it. It has such a significant meaning to our relationship.

Evan and I knew each other a few years back from hanging with a group of mutual friends a few times, but never really knew each other well. About 2-3 years later, we saw each other again on the Green Line MBTA (“T”) in Boston, where we both lived. He was on the T on his way home from work, and I stepped onto the jam-packed T from the St. Paul Street station where I had just been shopping. When the T is crowded like that, you’re standing pretttty close to the people next to you, and I happened to get onto the T and stand directly next to a guy, who happened to be Evan. We reconnected after years of not seeing each other, and found that we live about .5 mile from each other. We hung out that next week, and haven’t stopped hanging out since.

So when Evan’s Mom showed me this oil painting that her friend and artist, Seamas Culligan, painted, I was overwhelmed with how much it meant to me. This painting to me represents the day that turned my life around and brought me down a new track (no pun intended), to where I am today.


Mission Hill Traffic

Seamas is a Bostonian, who came here from Navan, Ireland. His serigraphs are so beautiful and the colors are vibrant. Here are a few more of his oil paintings, I just cannot get enough of these! Check out more of Seamas’ artwork at his site.


Bike in Madrid


Boston from Arlington




From Brookline


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