April showers

April [bridal] showers bring June weddings.

My entire month of April is dedicated to celebrating brides-to-be, all of whom I love so much. I have one of my bests bachelorette parties tomorrow, which I am giving NO surprises about, in case she is here reading this, but we plan to make her have a great time. After that, my next three weekends are bridal shower after bridal shower.

If you’re in my sitch, and looking for some bridalbae gift ideas, here are some that I love. I have yet to buy ANYTHING, so I may be stealing these myself.

Firsts – Several wine/champagne bottles for each first the couple has (first anniversary, first fight, first New Years, etc…)


Crock-pot, etc. – I love this gift. I do think that presentation is everything, so I would put everything into the crock-pot box, and tell the bride-to-be to open up the box when she’s opening the present so she’ll get everything at once, instead of everything wrapped separately.

crock pot

Picnic Basket – Ah! I love this so much. I actually bought this for my sister-in-law and my brother last year. I love it for two reasons: it’s adorable, and I think that picnics are the sweetest thing ever. Go. On. Picnics. (And of course, add some champagne inside for an extra surprise!) Macy’s has a few cute options.


Pillowcases – So cute. You can find these on Etsy.



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