I minored in marketing in undergrad, and still remember my 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. There is a P that falls under Product, but I think deserved its own spot on the marketing mix, and that is Packaging. There have been many-a-times that I have bought something solely because it was packaged in a way that I just wanted it.

Well, I recently came across the three products below, and despite what they even WERE, I was in love with their packaging.

Farmacy Sleep Tight

Why I loved this: What a better way to tell your brand’s story than utilizing the space on your packaging? I also love the wooden top to the product itself.


Compartes chocolate bars

Why I loved this: Because I got to eat them. Kidding (kind of) — LOOK at their packaging. Could a chocolate bar get any more beautiful?! They have a ton more choices for chocolate too — each with their own beautiful wrapping.


Even the chocolate bar itself is beautiful. Their chocolate is all hand-made in LA — and it is as delicious as such a beautifully wrapped chocolate bar should be.


Royal Apothic Field Poppy Hand Creme

Why I loved this: I really liked the different material of the packaging on the outside box. They definitely keep the theme of their name “royal,” something about their box screams that. And then inside, you’ll find the prettiest tube of hand lotion.



I’m becoming more and more obsessed with packaging. So I’ll be back as I discover more beautiful boxes and wraps.


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