Keep calm, it’s in your carry-on


Extra Petite

Traveling is hard. There are so many things you need to consider. I am heading to France in just a week (!) and am just now planning what I need to pack, and separately what I need WITH me, in my carry-on.

Traveling can be very tiring and definitely has a lot of down time between getting to the airport hours early, waiting at the gate, sitting in the plane, layovers etc. It’s enough work just planning your itinerary for your trip, so people often forget to plan the actual travel time and packing prep itself. If you find yourself traveling somewhere and you’ll be on a flight for a few hours, you’re going to want to be prepared.

Here are some tips for when you are traveling for several hours that will make you feel a little more comfortable and sometimes more importantly, keep you occupied:

Bring things to keep you entertained.

Before I leave for a long trip, I make sure to buy some magazines, find a good book, download some new music (do not forget those headphones!) and stock up on some snacks. Time tends to go by pretty slow during a flight and you’ll get bored just reading the same book for a couple of hours, so bring a few options of other things to do. Note: we are never too old to use a coloring book (they’re actually really “in” right now..).

Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely opt-IN for the mini-wines they offer on the plane, but don’t forget to drink plenty of water while you’re flying, and more importantly BEFORE the flight to keep your body (and skin!) hydrated while you’re up in an atmosphere that humans were likely not made to ever be in. I also always make sure to have chapstick (my favorite: Aquaphor) and also bring some extra comfy socks to slip on for a long flight.

We know you want to look like celebs do when they fly, but don’t try.

I get it; you never know who you could run into at the airport. However, you will not want to be sitting on an airplane for several hours in an uncomfortable outfit. You can still look stylish without having to dress in clothes that you’ll be uncomfortable sitting in for hours on end. Also, wear layers since you never know if the plane will be warm or cold. You’ll love the option of being able to take off your sweater if you’re too warm and could even use it as a blanket or pillow if you decide to take a mid-flight snooze.

Organize your bag.

Nothing drives me more crazy than when I am at the airport and have to get my license out in a hurry and am fumbling through old receipts, gum wrappers, parking tickets, etc. looking for the one thing I need. Before you leave for the airport, organize your purse! Take out anything you will not need during your trip and make sure you know where everything is safely secured.

Bring some essentials in your carry-on, just in case.

I hate this part. Like, do I seriously need to take up space where Wheat Thins could be to bring some extra pants? But, as they say: better safe than sorry. I don’t want to even say it, but in the off chance that your luggage gets lost, you will be so grateful that you’ve packed some essentials in your carry-on. It’s nice to even be able to step off the plane and stop by the ladies bathroom at the airport to freshen up. We all know we feel like a hot mess after a long flight. It’s likely that everyone you’re with will want to make a quick stop to the restroom once you’re off the plane. Bring some mouth wash, a hair brush, and even a small travel sized perfume to help you feel GOOD about stepping into a new city.

Lastly, enjoy the trip! The flight may be a pain, but at the end of it you’ll find yourself at an amazing destination. Stay tuned to hear about our trip to France!!


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