Wedding season

Ugh! How behind am I?! I don’t want to play the sick card, but just getting through day to day tasks has been a bit much for me lately, so please excuse my lack of posts. It’s something I don’t plan on writing about here, but have written about in the past, in case you’re interested in that/WTH I am talking about, you can find it here.

Anyhow, I am coming along on the mend and I am getting so excited about this upcoming month FILLED with weddings, the first being my friend Amanda’s on Sunday! I can’t wait to celebrate love with so many close friends who have found their “blue lobster,” as Evan so sweetly puts it. I love love, and weddings, so I am looking so forward to celebrating the big day with our friends.

On my side of things, wedding prep is cray. From finding five (!) perfect dresses, to writing a speech, to getting a mani/pedi/spray tan, a wedding puts a lot on a gal! But, don’t get me wrong – it’s all so fun. I will definitely be writing a post on wedding prep (just from the guests side of things, I can’t even imagine the wedding prep for the Mr. & Mrs. to be!!!), very soon.


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