Summer dessert

Master a good summer dessert recipe

I wanted to find a dessert that was easy, didn’t require turning on the oven, pretty, and on the lighter side.

Got it! I made this dessert just about a week ago when I went over my brother and sister-in-law’s house for dinner after work one night. I wanted to contribute something, so I brought dessert (and rose, of course). It was my first time making these, and it was delicious, SO easy to make – and very patriotic!


Makes about 5 servings — and easy to add to if you need more

What you need:

Something to put them in: I bought plastic champagne flutes from a local liquor store, but you could also use ice cream or parfait cups.

10 Strawberries

Cool Whip (I use the light one)

2 Handfuls of blueberries

Several meringues (I had a hard time finding these. I checked Market Basket and Whole Foods, and neither had them. I was finally able to find them at Trader Joe’s, so if you have one of those by you, I’d start there)

What you do:

  1. Cut up the strawberries into bite sized pieces, and put them aside
  2. Crush up several meringues until they’re in bite sized pieces
  3. Put half of the Cool Whip into a larger bowl, and then add the crushed up meringues to the Cool Whip and stir. You can always add more Cool Whip, or meringues if needed. You want all of the pieces of meringues to be covered in Cool Whip, and enough meringues that each bite gives you a piece.
  4. Divide the strawberries equally between the cups, then top each with a hearty scoop of the Cool Whip/meringue mixture.
  5. Evenly divide the blueberries to cover each, then top each with a smaller layer of the Cool Whip/meringue mixture.
  6. Top each with a full meringue.


We enjoyed these on their roof deck in the South End of Boston, just at sunset. Beautiful!



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