Shades darker

So many years. So much money. So many minutes in a TANNING BED. Seriously, in college, I was SO TAN. My Irish skin was turned brown. I am proud to say I never watched Jersey Shore, but still lived that GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry – for others who didn’t watch) life. I spent *hundreds* of dollars to lay in that bed for ten minutes, three times a week. See below, that’s me, looking like me, in 2010. I don’t look like this in 2017, I am now white. This was probably in the middle of winter, yet – I am 50 shades darker than I should ever be.

I’ll admit — I loved it. It was a nice little “getaway” off campus for a few minutes, I got to relax, it was warm, they played great music. It was an awesome 30 minutes a week. We all did it, I definitely wasn’t the only fake tan walking around Bristol. But what I didn’t realize (or maybe just didn’t even care) was that it is so bad for you.

Tans look nice, they do. They make you look healthy (which is so sad because it’s the opposite), and skinnier. But, there are other ways to do it than to ruin your skin and put yourself in risk of developing skin cancer. It took me a few years to prioritize health over my tan.

Now, if I have a wedding or event coming up and I want to be “tan,” I will get a spray tan 1-2 days before the event. Spray tans are lovely. Getting them is not the same warm, relaxing experience – they’re quite cold and uncomfortable. But – it gets the job done. Many people also do self-tan, but I have failed at this many times and turned out orange. Now, I just stick to natural sun in the warm months, but still wear sunscreen (I wear 30 SPF on my face every day).

Also, we now live in a world of filters. You don’t even have to truly be tan for people to think you are — just choose Mayfair.

Hopefully one of these days the sun will make an appearance in New England. Sigh. Until then, I’ll (palely) look forward to some Vitamin D.

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