Friday finds

We made it!!!! It’s Friday, after a short week. Let’s talk skincare. I have always had great skin, which I was forever thankful for. But as good alwayssss comes with bad – my skin right now is literally so bad. The good: I have been off of Prednisone (steroids) for THREE MONTHS!!!! I had been on and off of it for three years now, but this is the longest I’ve been off and I’m feeling GOOD. What I didn’t realize, though, is that I was going to go through withdrawals. My skin has taken the brunt of it. I have been trying everything under the sun (with SPF on, of course) to get my normal skin complexion back. I was so excited when I received this product* from Lancer Skincare. It is a three-step process: Polish, Cleanse, Nourish. They also added in an eye lifting cream.

Step One: Polish. Apply this to clean (makeup free), damp skin. This comes out like an exfoliant. Your rub it all over your face and then rinse it off.

Step Two: Cleanse. Apply this to damp skin. This comes out like a gel, massage it onto your face until it turns white and then rinse off.

Step Three: Nourish. I think this is probably the most important part. This is just a lotion that you want to apply to dry skin.

These products have definitely helped my skin recover, and I am continuing to use it every night. You can find this product at Sephora for $89.00.

Note: I did the process before putting makeup on last week, and it left my face looking shiny with makeup. So I am sticking to doing this before bed only.


*I received this product free for testing purposes, but would not be writing about it if I didn’t love it. I keep it real.

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