About Cuppa Charm

Welcome to Cuppa Charm!

I’m Shelby – the blogger, publisher, and all around content creator behind this space.

Cuppa Charm is about loving yourself, being creative, and continuing to explore the world around you.


I like to think of Cuppa Charm as a place where I share everything that makes life a little more fun. I am a perpetual optimist, with a “right-now” personality. I’m constantly searching for the next thing to enrich my life, the next thing to learn, my next glass of champagne (there’s always something to celebrate), and the next thing to help me grow as a person.

I also want to urge you all to find the strength to look inside of you and find only the best of things. Through loving yourself, you learn to love the world that much more.

Wanna join forces? I love working with companies and other bloggers! The best way to reach me is by email – any day, anytime – shelbydee76@gmail.com.


Fun Facts about Shelby:

  • Favorite Color: I love the color yellow [radiates happiness]. But my favorite color to wear is brown(:
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Spirit Animal: Elephants. The cutest and sweetest!
  • Favorite Pair of Shoes: My black sparkly Jimmy Choos
  • Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Dream Vacation: Amsterdam/Germany/Switzerland
  • Favorite TV Show: Sex and the City
  • Favorite Emoji: Girl dancing
  • Celebrity Crush: Julian Edelman
  • Non-Blog Hobby: Being outside, walking my dog Cooper, trying new restaurants
  • Most Visited App: Instagram – it’s an addiction.
  • Guilty Pleasure: I do, in fact, keep up with the Kardashians 😦




Thank you for stopping by and learning more about what Cuppa Charm means to me. I hope you find happiness and inspiration from what I write! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@shelbyx89) for a more behind-the-scenes look into my life!

Cheers! xoxo

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